Ultimate Guide to Designing a Family Friendly Home

To design your dream house, you need to consider a lot of factors and one of them is the people living in it. If you’re a young family who is currently brainstorming house plans and designs on how to build a home that is family friendly, you should consider the following in building a family friendly home:

Spacious rooms

There are two major factors in building a house: space and budget. Space is vital in creating a family friendly home. It allows free-flowing movement for your kids to run around in. If space is tight, you might want to remove those partition walls and create a wide area where the kitchen and the living room is opened up. This not only makes your house look bigger but also creates a better space for movement.

Spacious living room for family friendly house
Play Are For A Family Friendly Home

Play Place Area

Whether it’s a backyard, the front lawn or just a playroom, a sufficient play area is a requirement for a family friendly house design in Australia. Giving your kids a place to play will prevent them from turning all of your rooms into a clutter nightmare. A place of their own where they can play gives them the freedom of enjoying their childhood besides, once they grow up, you can convert that playroom into an office, a recreational room, or a guest room.

Raise the Roof For a More Family Friendly Home

If your budget allows it, build a house with a high ceiling. This not only creates space it also allows you to have a multifunctional house. Even if you are tight on space, raising the roof gives you a vertical place of multiple storages. This is especially true for building overhead storage cupboards in the kitchen and in the additional vertical shelves and multiple storage units that are accessible by ladders or stairs.

Family Friendly Home Storage

Family Friendly Home Storage: Tons of it!

Storage is vital in a modern house design in Australia. Clutter is your main enemy when it comes to having kids around the house. You need sufficient storage areas to stow away practically everything from rubbish bins to cleaning materials. Everything needs to be kept somewhere in a family friendly home. You don't want your kids running around with rubbish out of the bin being used as hockey pucks, do you?

Accessibility and Visibility

Most modern house designs in Australia include opening up the space in your house to make it a family friendly home. This is so that you can easily watch over your kids. It is very important to provide good visibility for a busy parent and playful child. Another consideration is having bigger windows and see-through doors—not always necessary to have a glass door to bring the natural light in.

modern family friendly house living room