Tips in Designing a Nursery Room

You’re planning to move to Queensland and you’re trying to find a suitable land and house package on the Gold Coast. At the same time, you are stuck on your house plans and designs. We know exactly how you feel. Every house needs to feel like home even to the tiniest member of your family—your baby.

If you’re still struggling with the nursery when you design your dream house, let us help you figure it out how to recreate your special needs house design. Here are a few things to consider in designing a nursery room.

minimalist nursery room

Design A Nursery Room in A Minimalist Point-of-View

Baby’s aren’t so picky—unless it comes to toys and food. When it comes to what their room looks like, they have absolutely no inkling whatsoever. So, why bother with over-the-top pirate ships, painted on the walls, or massive animal paintings. A nursery is all about your child’s needs and less on design. So go minimalist and focus on the things you will put inside the room rather than what it looks like. A simple room is calming for both mummy and baby. It adds a sense of gentle relaxation that is well needed by both of you, especially in the first few months.

Mind the Space

Whether it’s a large room or a small room, be aware of how much space you have to work with. Plan out where things will go before you build or put anything inside the room. When designing a nursery room, envision every piece of furniture that will fit in it. You want to create a free-flowing atmosphere in a nursery. Putting too much will give you a feeling of congestion.

spacious room for kids
tranquil colors for the room

Choose a Simple Theme But Don’t Go Over-The-Top

Choose gentle tranquil colors. Tranquil colors feel good on the eyes. It is actually important because when your child grows up, they’ll be able to express their interests. Choosing subtle colors will be easier to paint over in the future. Build a highly flexible and adaptive room that can easily accommodate a growing child. It will also save you tons of costs in the future as well.

Make Sure to Have Space for Nursing, Sanitation, and Sleeping

What exactly do you need? Well, you need a comfortable chair to nurse the baby. A place to change the baby’s nappies, and a cot for your baby to sleep in. Plenty of storage is a consideration. These are necessary but temporary items in your house. You can discard them when your child outgrows these things.

nursery, sanitation and sleeping space
happy family in an open livable space

Think Long-Term

When designing a nursery room, it’s not a problem to stick to your house’s theme or design plan. Besides, your baby won’t know the difference. Just add in a few things that you can easily take down and replace when it’s time to change the nursery into a big kid room.

Don’t Forget Safety

Safety is one of the biggest factors of consideration when designing your dream house with a nursery in it. Make sure that if you’re going to add permanent fixtures or hanging items, they should all be secure.

This is when you have to consider whether or not you’re going to have built-in cabinets or cabinets that you can move around easily. Built-ins are less likely to break and less hazardous for your kids to climb on in the future. Movable cabinets are hazards for crawling babies. So, having built-in cabinets are a far better structure for your nursery room.

Tinting your windows is also a great way to provide better comfort for your baby. Windows are a really vital consideration in a nursery. You need windows that aren’t too big as curtains or blinds that block out light can become expensive. It’s not just a design suggestion but a safety measure for babies. Babies are very sensitive—especially their eyes.