Buy or Build A House: Which is Cheaper or Better?

You’re at the stage where you are tired of renting out and it’s about time to own your own house. But there is just a dilemma though, you have no clue whether you’d like to buy or build a house instead. This can be more problematic when we realize that we have to make a really tough decision based on our budget along with other factors.

My house designs have these following thoughts to give you a better way to look at it:

Whether you want to build a house or buy one, you end up with the same result, you’re still going to own and live in it. Now, how would you like your house to be? Would you rather make life simpler and buy from offered house and land packages?

Readiness To Move In

This refers to just how soon you can move into your new house. Obviously, buying a new house is quicker, since you can move right in after transferring the title deed to your name. One other advantage of buying new homes Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast house and land packages is that you see what you get. You just have to choose which of the houses you like. Building a house takes much longer. It takes up to 8 weeks to choose and have a design approved. It takes another 16-20 weeks to build a house.

family on pizza break from unpacking boxes
cost to buy or build a house

Overall Budget to Buy or Build a House

Whether you want to buy or build a house, they both incur hidden costs. Building a house has tons of hidden costs like building permits, soil testing fees, bushfire levels, land registration and many other requirements.

On the other hand, paying the property’s price tag isn’t the only thing you’re going to pay when buying a house. You also have to pay transfer fees, insurance, pest and foundation inspection, and other legal fees.

Overall, building a house costs more. From the time you start looking for land, choose the design and all the way to building your house, all of these steps need money.

Design Preference

Which is better–when it comes to choosing whether you should buy or build a house–regarding the design of the house? Hands down, it’s definitely better to build a house. When you build a house, you get to choose the design of your house all the way from choosing the house color to backyard designs or even whether to have a children’s playground or not. From the build to the minor details, you decide on everything. With buying a house, you can only choose from what is already available. You can probably add in some more preferred details in the house but the overall house floor plan and design of the house fully depend on the developer.

choosing house design preference

In the end, we always end up choosing what’s best for us. There is the convenience of buying house and land packages. However, building a house from scratch reassures us that all the factors we want to have in a house are properly considered and well-executed. We get to monitor the construction of the foundations– and check that they are engineered to the latest standards. We also get to dictate even the smallest of details if we build our house.

So, whether you buy or a build a house, building a house gives the homeowner the greatest satisfaction. However, if you do struggle in building a house and you’re in need of further guidance to build and design your dream house, you can contact us anytime for the latest house floor plans and designs Australia has yet to offer.